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Bring Nature Indoors With Plants in Your Home & Office

Office Plants

It’s time to celebrate a holiday that encourages you to bring nature indoors. National Indoor Plant Week is here and it’s giving us some great reasons for bringing beautiful plants into our homes and offices. It turns out, plants are highly beneficial for your health, mind, and productivity. Here’s how:

1. Provides Cleaner Air

According to the official National Indoor Plant Week website, having indoor plants helps to reduce carbon dioxide and provide fresh oxygen. Simply having that fresh dose of oxygen in your home and office helps to clear your mind and make you feel more energized. NASA studies have even proved that some plant varieties naturally detoxify your environment.

2. Proven Stress Relief

Who couldn’t use a little extra stress relief? One of the most noticeable benefits of adding indoor plants is less stress. Studies have shown that interactions with indoor plants lead to a noticeable decline in stress. In addition to just reducing stress, plants also help boost your mood, making you feel better overall.

3. Boost Productivity

Feeling that mid-morning slump? Instead of reaching for an energy drink, boost productivity by decorating your office with indoor plants. Scientists have discovered that simply having plants and flowers around can boost productivity by up to 47%. They also boost decision making by up to 38%. Adding both to your home could be beneficial for solving the never-ending question about what to eat for dinner!

4. Increase Creativity

You don’t just get more productive with plants around, you get more creative too. Texas A&M uncovered that plants have a superpower that make it easier to generate new ideas and be more creative. For those in artistic fields or product creation, plants could be your best muse.

5. Help You Heal

Your proximity to indoor plants may help you heal faster. In one study, patients recovering from surgery in rooms with plants reported less pain, anxiety, and fatigue than patients without plants. The results were conclusive enough for many healthcare facilities to add more greenery to visitor and patient areas.

Many people say that ‘buying plants is happiness,’ and we couldn’t agree more. Boost your mental and physical health by adding a few to your home and office – at the very least, they will make the room look better!

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