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Five Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue For Your Corporate Holiday Party

It’s July –  just six months away, the December holidays are nearing!

During the holidays, many companies enjoy hosting a festive party or gathering for their employees. It’s a great time to get together, look back on work experiences throughout the year, socialize with coworkers, and even get to know each other a little bit better. We understand that every company wants to have a different “feel” to that holiday party, but we find that most parties include a short icebreaker, playing a few fun games or having some activities, possibly a gift exchange and some singing of holiday songs, and then sharing a meal together. Some companies also have their leaders or managers share a few short words thanking their employees for a great year. Where as, other companies may have interesting rituals based on their industry or company direction that are added to the party. Whatever their traditions, the first part of planning a company holiday party is choosing a venue!ccp-decor
Before the party can even get started there is one very important thing that must take place – choosing a venue as the location for hosting the party. Considering the various activities that will occur and considering the mood that you want to have, both play a vital role in the key choice of venue selection. With years of planning corporate parties, our team is helpful in assisting clients to move through this planning step. Following are 5 key things that should be considered when choosing a venue for your holiday party:

It’s vital to know what the cost of renting the venue will be. Compare it to the budget of what you have to spend. If there is a vast difference, this may not be a venue that works for your business. Venues of all various shapes, sizes, and costs exist. Also, check what day of the week you are seeking to host your event on to see if that changes the prices of the rental. Considering how close it is to the holidays or if it’s on a popular night of the week can determine how much you pay. However, schedule site tours with several different venues and you are sure to find one that fits based on your budget and the size of the event you will be hosting there.

Determine if the location is a reasonable one for employees to get to based on where the majority of employees or attendees live. If it’s not accessible many people may not be able to attend. Also, try to make it late enough after business hours that everyone possible is able to attend the party, and be sure to consider things like time to go home after work and get ready and to drive to the venue. Provide a reasonable place that people can access to attend the event.

Consider what kind of holiday party you want to have. The decor and the “feel” of the venue will have a big impact on the event you hold. Ask yourself: How big is the party going to be? Is it going to be a casual event or more of a formal one? Etc. Answering those kinds of questions will help you determine if that venue is right for your specific holiday event and the theme or feeling you want people to experience when attending it.

It’s vital to understand what the price of the rental you are paying for includes. Ask questions until you understand. Do you just get the bare four walls, floor, and ceiling of the room? Do you get tables and chairs for the event? Are any food or beverage services included? Do you get to use the items on the property during the rental (i.e. special lighting, AV, sound system, microphones, etc.)? Does the venue clean up at the end or are you responsible for that? Understand what you are paying for, and exactly what you are getting to determine your final budget. In the end this can affect your budget and help you decide exactly what your final cost is going to be.

Be sure that you understand the venue’s full policies on in-house and outside vendors. Are you allowed to bring in vendors? Are you allowed to serve alcohol? Understand what you are allowed to do on the premises, and what is prohibited. Some venues may require you to use “preferred vendor companies” for services like catering, tenting, rentals, linens, etc. Some venues may simply have a “recommended list” that they’ll share with you. If they do require you to use their in-house list of vendors then that is important to know in advance. If the venue’s policies don’t fit within the guidelines for your holiday gathering, then that facility may not be a fit for you.

At CCP Events we’re dedicated to helping companies find the perfect backdrop for hosting their special holiday company fun. Click here to contact with our Planner Team to get started with planning your company party! 

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