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Site Selection

Selecting the site(s) for your conference, meeting or event is not just about finding the right venue in the right city. It is a multi-faceted and tedious process that includes a lot of time management, knowledge and negotiations essential for success. Your chosen venue needs to entice attendees and provide the right facilities to meet your standards, meeting space requirements, agenda and budget.

Our team at CCP Meetings & Events can help you select the perfect location for your next conference. We have established an extensive network of contacts with hotels, convention centers and venues of all sizes and are masters at finding the right location to fit your goals, strategic objectives and financial parameters. Our multi-step process begins with analyzing potential locations, developing a robust Request for Proposal and once the property is selected negotiating concessions and contract terms. One of our experienced team members will interface with property managers and record all site selection activities in a central resource document to aid in future planning. We ensure that each detail is covered to minimize your risks, save you money and ensure you receive the high quality service that will make your conference venue one less thing to worry about.

Our team is ready to help you select a site and manage an unforgettable experience
that achieves your goals while maximizing your ROI!