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Four Reasons To Add Live Streaming To Your Meetings

The use of live streaming is a powerful marketing strategy that can help grow your audience, boost engagement, obtain viewer’s questions, opinions, and suggestions, and ultimately increase your event’s revenue. Statistics from 2016 show that the most preferred YouTube video types came from uploads from individuals and brands, companies, or institutions. Another statistic puts Facebook Live streaming as the most popular and fastest growing streaming service, alongside the growing popularity of Instagram Live.

Grow Your Audience

Live streaming can support the growth of your audience through the increased interest of viewers. Announce that you’ll be streaming your meeting at least a couple of days in advance to build interest and suspense and provide the opportunity for social sharing.

Boost Engagement

Live streaming enables viewers to engage in the video’s content, voice their opinions, offer suggestions, and discuss the topic in real time. Rather than remaining observers, they can become part of the meeting. People can more easily become connected with activities that they feel they have a part in.

Questions, Opinions and Suggestions

Engagement will be most effective if you, or someone you designate, responds to viewer’s questions, opinions, or suggestions in real time. Take it a step further and address some of the comments at the end of the meeting. Addressing these comments will gain you further credibility, whether you agree with them or not. Furthermore, viewers will likely draw attention to important points or great ideas that you might not have thought of, which could strengthen the success of your meeting.

Increase Revenue

Live videos can serve as an extra source of revenue through the use of short ads or donations. We suggest using ad breaks scarcely because they can quickly become irritating to some viewers. Keep these tips in mind:

• Incorporate Facebook ads once you’ve met certain criteria, including obtaining at least 1,000 followers and 300 viewers in a video.

• Incorporate YouTube ads simply by searching for ‘put ads on your YouTube videos.’

• Note, Facebook only supports donations for nonprofit organizations, and you must first have a page set up.

• If you search YouTube for ‘YouTube live stream donation,’ you will find plenty of video tutorials to help you.

With branded videos being one of the most engaging video types, and with the vast value potential that live streaming can offer, it is a resource that should be taken advantage of. If you’re looking for more ideas and information for incorporating current trends into your meetings and events, contact our experienced CCP team!