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Engage Your Employees With An Appreciation Event

Appreciation Quote 1Never underestimate the power and impact that hosting an employee appreciation event will have on the morale and production within your company. It’s been proven that employees who feel they have a positive and appreciative relationship with their employer are more likely to be engaged. There are so many great reasons that we love working with our clients to plan and produce appreciation events – each and every one provides opportunities for employees to connect with their peers and with their supervisors. 

When creating an employee appreciation event our team goes above and beyond to make sure that it’s personalized, creative and meaningful to the company hosting it. We look to include ideas, activities and touches that motivate, engage, and make employees feel valued and appreciated. This type of recognizing employees not only increases engagement but it increases motivation and job satisfaction. It’s a great and easy way to make a positive difference and impact in overall company morale.

Employee Appreciation Event

Employees are the heart of your business. And the truth is, disgruntled or apathetic employees can suck the energy right out of a once performing team. On the other hand, engaged employees pass on their enthusiasm giving life to production and growth in your company. Engaging with your employees can be a boost to your business’ bottom line. And this is where our experience in producing successful events can be the catalyst to a boost for your company.  First we work with companies to create an event strategy that not only carries out the company culture but cultivates engaged employees in a way that’s fun and meaningful. Secondly, we execute the strategy by taking the heavy lifting of producing the event off your shoulders – resulting in a successful event for both employee and employer.

So, what makes an employee appreciation event successful ? It’s more than just throwing a luncheon or a summer picnic. Employee appreciation events are an art. With over twenty years of event planning experience we know that these types of events are one of the strongest ways to recognize employees – much more so than simply gifting a promotional healthordisease.com item or a gift card. Events reach employees in a way that makes them feel valued, respected, and even loved. And depending on whether family members are invited to the event the appreciation you extend might even go beyond the employee to their personal support system.

Want to know more on how an appreciation event could boost employee engagement in your company? Connect with us and we’ll share a strategy that gets you moving forward in 2016. From event concept to securing the venue and catering to coordinating entertainment, we are well experienced in executing every piece of the planning puzzle needed for you to host an employee appreciation event with ROI!Employee Appreciation Event 2