An Entrepreneurial Mindset Ensures a Successful Corporate Event

When planning our client’s annual parties or conferences we invest a lot of time and energy into organizing the perfect event. Once we have a rough idea of the size, agenda, and budget for the event, the hard work really begins: Booking the venue and speakers, planning menus and breakout sessions, firming up the agenda, and getting the word out.

At CCP Events, we know that the best way to survive this planning process and ensure an event is a smash success is to approach it with an entrepreneur’s mindset. Here are five tips from our Planner Team for thinking like an entrepreneur when planning a corporate affair:

Seek Out Opportunities

Entrepreneurs are on the constant lookout for opportunities, and they know that opportunities can present themselves at any time. When planning, we keep an eye out for ways to shape and improve it. We look for ways to turn ideas upside down – shaping them into something fresh and new that can be brought to the table.

Be Comfortable With Taking Risks

Planning an event always comes with risks—that an outdoor event will get rained out, that attendance will be lower than expected—but taking risks is essential to moving forward in planning. Our team operates by being optimistic, and most of all by being prepared for ‘Plan B’ ‘Plan C’ and even sometimes ‘Plan D.’

Use Your Creative Problem-solving Skills

Snags always come up in the planning phase, and they require thinking on your feet. Our team works to not let snags cause our clients any undue stress. We take a deep breath, take a step back, and use creative thinking to solve problems that arise during planning—or during the event itself.

Be Flexible and Adaptable

Flexibility is a key characteristic of an entrepreneur, and being flexible is central to the success in planning events that we’ve seen in our work for decades. The ability to adapt when the key speaker backs out or the size of the meeting suddenly increases keeps us on track—and keeps our team’s sanity intact.

Communicate and Collaborate

Entrepreneurs are all about relationships, and communication and collaboration are what move ideas forward. We put extra attention into keeping in communication with key figures at our clients’ company and with vendors, venues, and speakers. We’re always open to consider input and ideas from others, and to collaborate in turn our client’s vision into reality.

CCP Events is dedicated to helping you put on the best possible event for your company, whether it’s an intimate reception or a large, company-wide conference. Contact us to talk about how we can help you plan and execute the perfect affair.